Why are parents becoming more sustainable consumers

  • By Rebecca Boyd

Why are parents becoming more sustainable consumers

Climate change is currently considered the biggest threat to our planet. With new scientific reports every year showing that we are fast approaching a point of no return, its no surprise that parents are questioning what we all can be doing to ensure that we leave a safe environment for our children.

Pre-2020, it was all about making small changes so collectively, we have a bigger impact. However, reports are now showing that since global lockdowns, parents are willing to make greater changes at home. A study from 2021, found that parents have been influenced and even educated by their own children.

The study from Sainsburys, in partnership with Disney, found that 68% of parents wished they had a better understanding of how to be more eco-friendly and 48% thought that their children were the active driving force behind making their household greener. During the pandemic, children were influencing parents to recycle more and even start growing their own vegetables.

In the UK it appears that parents are beginning invest more heavily in long term purchases to ‘do their bit’ for the environment. The Guardian found that there were 39,315 new battery electric vehicle registrations in March 2022, which is more than the whole of 2019! The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 made up the top two selling electric cars of that month, showing that Tesla is very much leading the pack when it comes to families looking to switch to an eco-friendlier way of living.

High purchases of Tesla vehicles demonstrate the trend of buying less, buying better. Parents want to buy higher quality items and want to keep them pristine for longer. Hence why we have chosen to recently launch our SeatSaver designed to fit Tesla.

“Parents switching to electric cars are making a sustainability choice. Protecting the seats and increasing the lifespan of their investment is important.  The car protects the family, our SeatSaver protects your car”.

This trend has been on Prince Lionheart’s radar for a while and it has been important to us to make sure that we move with our consumers. The Prince Lionheart team has always been passionate about helping customers to be more environmentally savvy or make sure our products are built to last. From our Warmies reusable wipes to our Tubimal baths our range of products have been designed to have multiple uses for years.

All of this goes beyond just a passing fad, parents, prompted by their own children, are driving change to reverse climate change. To quote John F Kennedy: “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and it’s best hope for the future”.


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