Presenting the world’s first SeatSaver designed to fit Tesla

  • By Rebecca Boyd

Presenting the world’s first SeatSaver designed to fit Tesla

 We are very excited to announce the launch of our new SeatSaver designed to fit Tesla models S, 3, X & Y. Our new SeatSaver is the first of its kind being the only one to fit over the unique seats inside the Tesla.

The SeatSaver designed for Tesla is the first of its kind, specifically designed to be ISOFIX/i-Size compatible.  The Prince Lionheart team created the new SeatSaver to work with both forward and rear-facing car seats so no matter what direction your little one faces in your Tesla, our SeatSaver provides protective coverage in your car.

One of the challenges that we know that many Tesla owners face is finding a seat protector that fits over the unique shape of the headrest. That’s why we have made our new SeatSaver from high density non-slip foam that fits Tesla seats like a glove. Unlike most seat covers, the SeatSaver compliments the distinct style of the Tesla, with colours available in black or neutral.

Fans of the Tesla love their vegan leather upholstery, however, it’s a known issue that car seats can leave depression marks on the fabric, leaving permanent damage.  That’s why we have designed the SeatSaver to be ISOFIX/i-Size compatible. The new seat protector’s patented design includes a lip to catch spills from drinks or road trip snacks. We also added a robust back panel to protect from little kicks, and an extended base panel to prevent heel scuffs.

“The original Prince Lionheart two stage SeatSaver is a firm favorite for parents and car lovers. We have taken market leading technology and designed a new SeatSaver specifically for Tesla that fits perfectly with the modern family” says Emma Stapleton, Head of Europe. 

You can get hold of the SeatSaver designed to fit Tesla from the 6th of June for £54.99/€59.99. Demand for the new SeatSaver will be high, so make sure you order yours now exclusively through the Prince Lionheart online store (link).

See a full list of features of the SeatSaver designed to fit Tesla on our product now!

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