3 signs your child is ready for potty training

  • By Joe Boyd

3 signs your child is ready for potty training | Prince Lionheart UK

Potty training is an important part of growing up, but how do you know when your child is ready? Here are three of the main signs.

Potty training can be an exciting time for parents; after all, it’s the end of changing dirty nappies! That doesn’t mean it won’t be a challenge though. One of the first problems you’ll come across is deciding when to start, as you don’t want to force your child into potty training before they’re ready. Here are three signs it’s time to start:

They talk to you about it

Obviously your child won’t tell you they want to start using the potty. However, you will probably notice they start becoming more vocal about their wees and poos. This is usually linked to them developing bladder control, meaning it’s a great time for you to start potty training them.

They could say a range of different things. One common example is telling you that they need to wee, that they’re weeing or that they’ve just finished weeing. Your child will start to understand what these things mean as they gain the ability to control their bladder, which in turn gives you a good sign they are ready to learn how to use a potty.

They recognise their nappy is dirty

Even if they don’t talk to you about it, a good sign your child is ready for potty training is when they start to recognise what a dirty nappy is. Sometimes, toddlers go through a phase where they don’t like being messy (which unfortunately doesn’t last long!) and this often extends to their nappies.

Sometimes they’ll tell you directly, but you might also notice your child tugging at a dirty nappy or trying to take it off. They might even ask you to change them. This is a perfect time to start potty training as your child will want to avoid being in a dirty nappy, and will hopefully see the potty as a good thing.

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Fidgeting and hiding

Sometimes it can be harder to tell that your child is beginning to understand how to use the toilet because the signs are more subtle. Rather than vocalising it, some children prefer to hide when they wee or poo. This is understandable; we all like a bit of privacy when we go to the toilet, after all!

Another manifestation of this can be fidgeting when they need to go, again, a lot like you might do if you really need a wee! These are signs your child is starting to understand their body a bit better, and are therefore ready to learn how to use the potty.

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