5 nappy changing mistakes and how to avoid them

  • By Rebecca Boyd

5 nappy changing mistakes and how to avoid them | Prince Lionheart UK

Changing a new baby’s nappy can be tricky, and it’s surprisingly easy to make one of these simple mistakes. Here’s how you can avoid them and keep baby happy.

We love our babies from the moment they’re born, but to be honest there’s usually one thing we wish we could change about them: the fact they don’t know how to use the toilet yet! While most parents get used to it, nobody enjoys handling poop and changing nappies, especially when it needs doing in the middle of the night.

The one benefit of nappy changing is that it’s fairly easy. As long as you get the dirty nappy off and the clean one on, the job’s done, right? Well, pretty much, but you do need to think about your baby’s bottom. Specifically, you need to make sure they don’t end up with a nasty nappy rash, which is irritating and potentially painful for them.

If you want to save your baby some discomfort (and save yourself from a lot of crying!) you need to avoid some of these common mistakes. Of course, if your baby does get a rash then don’t worry! It happens to most children eventually. These tips are just to help you make it happen as little as possible.

Changing too late (or too soon)

When your baby is particularly young, they will fill their nappy a lot, which means plenty of changes at all times of the day and night. However, even though it’s exhausting you need to make sure you’re changing your baby whenever they’re dirty, as sitting in all that nasty bacteria is a quick way to develop nappy rash.

You also want to avoid being too quick to change your little one. If they wet their nappy, they’ll usually be okay for a while. Wait until you’re sure they’re finished filling the nappy, as they wont be able to control themselves while being changed!

Not doing anything about a rash

Most babies end up with a nappy rash at some point, so there’s no need to worry. However, you shouldn’t just ignore it and wait for it to go away, as that can make it worse. If your baby’s skin looks red, irritated or inflamed, you need to wash them thoroughly and then make sure the rash is completely dry. Then you can apply ointment to it. And don’t forget to see a doctor if the rash persists for a week or more.

Changing on a bed

Changing tables aren’t the most comfortable things in the world, and you might feel bad putting your baby on one to change them. However, you shouldn’t change on a bed or sofa, as the surfaces are too soft and you won’t be able to control your baby as well, leaving them less clean. You can always invest in one of our comfortable ILLUMIPADs, which also light up for an easier change at night.

Putting a new nappy on straight away

Once you’ve got the dirty nappy off, it’s time to put the new one on, right? Well, hold on a minute. You don’t want to do that straight away, as your baby’s skin won’t get a chance to breathe. Give them a few minutes between changes so the air can get to their skin, and you’ll be surprised what a positive difference it can make.

Using the wrong wipes

While it can be tempting to try to make your baby smell as nice as possible, scented and perfumed wipes aren’t the best option for a little one’s skin. Instead, you should use something unscented and anti-microbial wherever possible. You can even use our EVO™ Wipes Warmer to keep the wipes moist and warm so they feel especially nice on baby’s bottom!

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